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Ethics Discussion Discuss ethical concerns related to the use of psionics.

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Yeah pretty much what Pat said. Causing the teacher pain without her learning from it only fulfills karma, which you don't seem to believe in. In fact, it could exacerbate things, because if she gets hurt at home or what have you, she'll be in a bad mood when she comes back to class.

Personally, I have trouble believing in situations (in which a teacher does something like this) where this isn't justified. Students, like angry and apathetic customers, frequently deserve a good kick. You may think me mean or ignorant for feeling this way, and if that's so, I'm glad you attended a school in a region with well-mannered / raised children. It's a big world, and what's good for the goose is not always what's good for the gander.

Either way, you provided too little context for any of us to judge your situation accurately, IMO. If you are justified, a more effective approach would be to report her, as has been suggested.
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