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Ethics Discussion Discuss ethical concerns related to the use of psionics.

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REPOST: If Knowledge is Power...Do you Share?

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Pavlov's Dog
you may not know boolean logic, but i do. and as far as logical predition goes, do not be surprised if i am *magically* able to predict anything at all.

the point of the boolean is that you set your range. everythings got a domain and a range. you can narrow out some stuff from both the top and the bottom with boolean sets. beyond that, i do not recommend boolean logic for deciding a particular outcome. i usually treat them as a sort of vector when i know the range. much easier to use.

the point remains. in the event that every single opportunity ends in the worst possible disaster for every single thing near the person you are attempting to help, would you unlock his/her ability to cause mass destruction?

You'll have to clarify what you mean, more. Are these disasters occurring because of something the person is doing? I don't teach complete assholes, if that's what you mean. <G> Nor criminals. I teach people who will actually put in the effort and learn, and generally only if I happen to like them. I'm only one person, after all, I can't teach the whole world. Not my thing.
I would like to think that the folks whom I happen to like are unlikely to unleash armageddon. <G>

That having been said, I don't believe in fate, and people make their own choices.

Originally Posted by Winged_Wolf
I don't teach complete assholes, if that's what you mean. <G> Nor criminals.

By "criminals", do you mean convicted criminals, or anyone who has commited a crime?

(serious question)

Originally Posted by Winged_Wolf
I would like to think that the folks whom I happen to like are unlikely to unleash armageddon. <G>

What's wrong with armageddon?

(Not so serious question)

I mean anyone who has committed and seems likely to continue committing crimes. Of course the type and severity of the crime makes a difference, too.

Pavlov's Dog
im not going to post again in this thread again, so try to figure what im asking out.

before (if you ever do) you show them how to use their abilities, they go about doing whatever they can and enjoying it, living a happy life, even if they are frustrated in their abilies to make no progress at all in any form of energy working.

when you show them how to unlock their abilities, they begin to discover that they have huge potential in everything. and that potential is converted to strong ability as rapidly as they can.

when they reach their maximum potential, they go about the world trying to do good everywhere they go.

for unknown reasons (the point of the boolean is that something happens, not that you know exactly when and how) the person suffers some huge tragedy and turns full circle, and begins to cause massive devastation everywhere he/she goes. and the people of the world are tormented until the end of their days on earth. no psion or energyworker or any person on the planet is able to stop this person from doing what they are doing, and nothing can make this person stop on his/her own.

so, would you share knowledge at the cost of the peace and happiness of the world for 70+ years? or would you put more value on the other 6 billion human inhabitants of earth?

I'm not precognitive, of course I would teach them. I also don't believe in fate. ;)
I would have no way of knowing what they might eventually do.

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