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Ethics Discussion Discuss ethical concerns related to the use of psionics.

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Ethics in Experimentation

So, I tend to personally run some psi-related experiments on myself, and on others (who are informed and consenting). Of course any experiments like this may result it damage to the energy body, unforseen consequences, even psychological issues in extreme cases. Does this mean they shouldn't be conducted at all? (But isn't the advancement of knowledge worth some risk?)
Is running such experiments unethical? Is it less ethical if others are involved who are taking risks, apart from myself?

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I would say that this sort of thing is perfectly ethical.

According to my ethical system:
- if it doesn't hurt anyone, it's not bad.
- if it does hurt somebody, but it only takes the form of somebody hurting themselves, it's technically bad, but it's their choice, so whatever.
- if it hurts others, it's bad unless it makes significant and detectable progress towards the goals of all involved, i.e. gaining knowledge that hundreds of people will benefit from. In that case, it is good.

So, therefore, it is NOT unethical to experiment on oneself and on others as long as doing so furthers our knowledge of the particular field and the test subjects are also interested in helping to do so.

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Experimentation that's the least bit dangerous? Hell no. Bad idea. I mean, if we did that we wouldn'tve come up with things like super glue and gasoline. And whoever thought that shining a laser into our eyes would fix 'em was just friggin' psycho.
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If it furthers knowledge of a field, then it is ethical, as long as all participants consent.
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I would practice precaution. Even if it's not unethical, there is a risk of getting injured (as you well said) and that requires attention to avoid as much problems as possible.
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So long as there's consent, go for it.
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i see it fit and ehtical i mean you both know and you both know the bad effects that could happen
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I say that as long as i am the test subject, ethical, unethical, doesnt matter.... i can fix me later :-P

BUT!! in general its probably better to make sure they are fully informed and capable of making an intelligent decision in the matter before you go forward with the experiment.

The experiments themselves arent likely to be ethical or unethical. The way you go about informing the people is more what would be brought into question ethically.

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I can’t remember who said this but “if we risk nothing we gain nothing”or something like that. I would personally say that it is all a go if the “test subjects” know about what is happening and agree to go with it. The knowing what is happening is particularly important for me.
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I think its ok, as long as everyone knows what the range of risks can be. In which i mean as long as they are told that, say if you are trying to see if you can, make a construct that will impair someone's sensitivity to psionic actions nearby, but it might cause, oh say...temporary loss of hearing. Then they should be told that it could cause that, and I you know of any places that could help with recovery of this after the experiment, you should tell them of that as well.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that if you have their/your own consent, and they/you know what could end up happening if anything goes wrong. Also if you tell them of treatments available for the possible unfortunate out-come its ok. Afterwards if there is an unexpected harm, you should immediately help look for places were treatment is accessible. You do all that, and its compleatly ok. :D
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