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Physical Abilities Sensing and affecting known energies and matter, gravity, momentum, magnetism, and time. Precognition, PK, Distance-Viewing, etc.

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Physical Phasing

Hello and welcome to this guide to Phasing.

First off, what is Phasing?

Phasing is moving matter through matter, also known as intangibility.
You are manipulating your atomic structure slightly so that you 'fit' through the object.

One way to Phase is to have the object phase, not you. This is obviously less dangerous.

Credit goes to user Demi/Kirin for this technique, as posted in the article below:

Phasing-by user Kirin, now Demi. Bold text by Demi.

Visualize a small see through dot growing bigger and bigger but don't visualize growing too big too fast. Don't stop untill the whole obstacle is see through and when you are ready, I want you to slowly try and push your hand through the obstacle.

This is just one way to phase. Another, less safe way, is to phase your own body.

To do this:

Begin simple. Use a finger.
Look at the fingertip. See all of the atoms and molecules in it.
Place it onto the object you wish to phase through. See the object's atoms and molecules.
Will the object's atoms to move slightly outwards, until there is enough space so your finger's atoms can fit between the objects'. Manipulate your finger's atoms so it fits between the spaces.
Move the finger through the object and let your atoms return to their normal format.
Well Done! You've phased for the first time! Now you can work upwards to your hand, your arm, and eventually your whole body.
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Pat McDonald
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Would you mind possibly showing a video of this amazing ability?

Seeing is believing, after all.
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Yeah I want to see also...theory is a lot different from seeing the practice.
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I read something awhile back on psipog on someones experience to phasing. I read that it is a terrible idea and is terrible painful and possible very dangerous.
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Phasing is useful. Understanding the underlying physical operations is a must.
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