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Anxiety because of stress

Hi, I have joined a company last month. I am a person who shies out from communicating with people. Because of this, I have very few friends in my office. From last few days, I find very difficult in going to office and work. I get knots in my stomach before I go in, then when I'm there I find it mentally exhausting because most of the time I have to pretend that I'm perfectly fine and everything is normal, when I am feeling super stressed. The worst part is that I don't have anyone to share my stress. The first thing that I do after reaching home is that I will open my laptop and check whether there is any pending work or not? If there I get tensed and will do anything without knowing it. One day my lover suggested anxiety disorder therapist from a clinic in Toronto. Will this treatment help me to relive this situation? Are there any DIY methods that I can try at home? Please give your suggestions so that I can live a life without tension.
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Well, there is the Winston Churchil method of stress relief - "Drink half a bottle of brandy and tell the world to go to Hell."

Personally I prefer occasional cannabis use and quality sex as methods of stress relief.

The key similarity in the above methods is not giving attachments or energy to what people think about YOU or YOUR behaviour...

... so being a quiet, competent, "grey person" is the slow, sure road to success.

A certain amount of stress is useful - we need goals to achieve, milestones on the paths of our lives.

Too much stress is harmful - too many conflicting goals, too many people to please all the time. Not watching TV at all and relying on internet use outside of my home has been wonderful from that point of view - no advertising to watch, no propaganda "news" stories to brain wash or emotionally entangle me.

Juggling stress at home, stress at work, and stress within your personal social circle of friends and family is no easy job, and something that teenagers frequently rage at.

You could think of "quit rage" in computer gaming as being a less harmful form of "road rage".

Anyway, if you can harness the rage and "negative energies" to drive you forward, as well as having the attraction of success to pull you towards realistic goals, you should do OK.

It's not called the "human race" for nothing, you see. The book "Celestial Prophecy" forms a basic pattern to follow as far as human interactions go - it's a novel, it's not perfect, but it's useful.

Winged Wolf's psionic novel fulfills a similar role, although it's probably too gut twisting for most people to stomach comfortably.
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I used to have the so-called anxiety attacks and I often ended up smoking to relieve some of it. Well, it never worked out and I realized that the sudden BP increase triggered even more anxiety. But my mind possibly tricked my brain into believing that the anxiety just blows away with the smoke. I switched to vaping and I regularly purchase different flavors from an eliquid wholesale distributor and this relaxes me and helps me out with the initial phase of meditation. I've got to see if I can mix THC oil, get high and channel my chakra to generate positive thoughts.
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