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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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Guardian Spirit

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here

Basically, just now i saw an online store that sells bunch of guardian spirits. and stated that they have different abilities. And the store also mentioned about seeing the spirits.

My questions are:
1. are there any spirits around us?
2. how to see them?
3. are they dangerous/safe?
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Pat McDonald
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1. First, you got "physical reality" and then you got "non-physical reality". The latter is "where" concepts, ideas, dreams etc "exist". You could call it "spirit world". You could call it the "information domain". You could call it "Collective Unconscious" like Jung. Or you can be divisive and say none of these are entirely correct, and your personal "truth" is the only possible interpretation of reality (for you, personally, from your perspective on life's journey.

We talk of being in "high spiritis" and "low spirits" and "mean spirited" so the concept of "spirit" can be applied to individuals, in terms of their mental/emotional state, and how they are "balanced" currently.

2. Some sights are fucking ugly and you don't want to "see" them? ANd if you do want to, how do you make them "leave" when they are non-physical? And maybe you can't personally "see" them but can perceive when they are relatively "close" to you in space/time terms? I've just asked questions here, I am not trying to give you answers.

These are hugely personal issues for every individual. Each must choose what their "truth" is. Or adopt an existing "truth" as convenient for that moment (people are mostly like lazy noisy monkeys, and that is MY truth when observing and commenting on others).

3. Are they a threat do you mean?

... personally, I find the idea of non-physical friends reassuring. Others find them threatening. Most people just don't have time to spend on this existentialist shit, they are too busy surviving / enjoying themselves and living.

I suggest you contact that website and ask them these sort of questions. They won't answer them, BUT, if they offer a money-back-if-you-are-not-satisfied contract, signed, dated, witnessed, and they don't honour it, then you can sue them in court (most places) and get your money back, plus triple damages, if you can just show that you weren't satisfied with their product, and they refused a straight refund.
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