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Psionics Theory Discuss various theories relating to psionics and psi abilities.

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I know it's late in the game to be stirring this pot, but my first formal education into energy was Psionics, then I studied nature based magic systems, and then modern spiritual healing techniques. So far as I can tell, energy is energy is energy. I met a shamanic teacher who expressed it best when she said "Wherever you perceive energy, there it is." It's a bit of a basic concept, but it's been my experience that perception is what creates energy, and the "sources," be they internal or external, are just patterns and archetypes our minds use as a validation for the perception of energy.

In this manner, when someone looks for Psi, they will find it where they expect to and not find it where they do not. And if someone looks for it where someone else believes it isn't, they can find it there too.

I can say that Magic and spiritual practices are flayed open if you approach them with a PSionic mindset. The alter becomes a construct bound to a flat plane, the wand is a construct bound to a phallic symbol, etc etc. This can actually add to your depth of understanding and increase the value of ceremony and ritual work, while still leaving open room for a spiritual experience.
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Spirituality can be secular. Truthful is a characteristic in describing subjects. In quantum mechanics the observer effect shows that observation creates a quantum vibration. Truthfulness therefore is the degree to which each observation as a quantum vibration is at harmony with quantum reality. Quantum Vibration Harmonic with Quantum Reality creates a position of strength I call objective quantum reality. This is what I have found spirituality to be made of.

Perception is made by choices and choices do not exist before they are made. Each choice therefore is made from the absence of being or the void. Between spatial units and the void there is being without place. Each choice once made always exists in the being without place. When 2 or more choices work together they make an observation in the existence of space. Observing choice-making process leads to higher and higher choice making rate which increases observation rate and harmony with existential structure of the universe. Relying on observation to control that which is generated by the psyche and reality acting on space you can have a larger and larger effect by degree of truthfulness, rate of choice, and skill applying both.

Based on what I have shared I consider spirituality, rate of spiritual response, and spiritual skill to be force multipliers in energy working. Ceremony is optional.
Psionics is a relative dimension in Psychokinesis of Psions.

Words that are useful are for those; to whom that are worthy, to whom that they chose.
Psions are that which Psions are for life is that which life is.

Truth is the only source for free energy.
Patterns are patterns because of how they make use of information to define energy.

I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.
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My two cents,

Psionics is a gift that can be used for the greater good or evil. Ultimately you decide at the end of the day how to use it. Everything has consequences so choose wisely.

I think that more and more people are becoming aware of these abilities because mother earth needs them too be, so we can help raise the energy on the planet as we have been stuck in a set way for many moons.
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