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Stop spraying pesticides in our garden

I use to spray pesticides in my garden to avoid pest attack and some wildlife attacks, especially for raccoon and skunk attack. And now, I realize that it is not a good practice to spray those poisonous pesticides in our gardens. It can affect our health and might cause dangerous diseases. I had decided to stop the use of pesticides and promote organic farming, which is really good for health.
My son was suffering from skin allergies and I consulted a doctor. He told that the use of pesticides might cause many problems to our health. But even after stopping the usage of pesticides, I found that the pest and wild animals are attacking my field. How can I solve my problem? I live in a forested area where raccoons are a real nuisance.
Last day, my friend's dog had a skunk attack. They sought help from animal removal company services in Toronto and the result was really amazing. Skunks are completely removed from that area. But I don't know whether these services are only for skunks. Does anyone know more about these services and how helpful it is?

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Pat McDonald
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Pesticides are designed to kill / damage INSECTS, tiny creatures. Not fucking great animals. Jesus, why not spray nerve agent like Novichok while you are at it? <- Bad idea, don't do this, similar technology, nerve agents. A repellant is NOT a pesticide, and if that company doesn't know the difference they shouldn't be trying to sell a fake service. If that company (any business, really) GUARANTEE MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED then use them, otherwise do not. It is wise to know how to legally enforce a guarantee too, and that varies from country to country and subculture to subculture.

Move to the Sahara desert, you won't need pesticides, you won't have stray animals, and you certainly won't have a garden...

... although with climate change accelerating, pretty soon Canada will look like the Sahara, so just hang on in there and all your "problems" will be solved.

Alternatively, just accept that nature doesn't give a fuck about your garden and put up with it.

Or, make sure that there isn't a food source for scavengers in your garden (all trash cans secured) and put some food out for scavengers well away from your garden.

Humans ARE scavengers, so think of it as banning THE REASON why some pests are attracted TO your location and encouraging them to go somewhere else.

Sorry, I am in an angry mood. I hope you realize your simple mistake, and if you honestly didn't know, fair enough, I have failed too at some things.

This time of year, a wild fox comes into our housing estate. I say hi, put a few little meat scraps out for them. It's kind of cool to appreciate wild animals for what they are, rather than just put boundaries...

... oh, you might find these big pests are attracted to your skunk plants? Just a thought, wild animals like plants as well as meat, and the smell of fresh skunk plant might be what is bringing them in.

Especially in Canada... ;)
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But assuming you are always right always puts you in the wrong.

Because assume just makes an ass of u and me.

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Nelson Bryant
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It can affect our health and might cause dangerous diseases. I had decided to stop the use of pesticides and promote organic farming, which is really good for health food near me open now in Alhambra is also provide the high quality of food. The management team of it's also a cooperative and helpful.
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