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Scientifically explaining energy using a mix of quantum theories.

Alright guys. I can't really alter what I said since I don't want to change it but this shit gave me a fucking apifiany!!! I think I may have linked up a bunch of quantom theories for psi/chi. I don't really want to post my theory here since some troll might steal my Nobel prize ;) ;)

Anyway here's is my theory, my email is n3cr0m0rpher(@) if you want to discuss it in detail and perhaps give me some sort of award on the forum or something because this is such big shit my ego has literally died and I use an entirelu different system now that any psion will probably ejaculate after reading this

Now mind you I was on 6 hits of LSA (lysergic acid aka ergine) during this. But this was crucial to developing my theory.

And I am sorry for not posting more often since I feel no real need for psi in my life. But now I feel like I have grasped it fully

Okay here we go:

when I tripped on a huge morning glory dosage (was around 6-15mg LSA in water drank it) three days ago. Im on day 3, still slightly tripping at times. but I do have mental illness (not even my psychiatrist know what was wrong with me). and I could tell when I was or wasn't tripping, when I was coming up I started watching interstellar, at the end of the movie I started to trip really hard, the next day, I stayed up cause I was tripping and eventually I had ego death when I was thinking of atoms and reality and time. and the double slit experiment, and how the double slit experiment proves that particles act differently when they are not being "observed" (recorded or watched live) they act as waves just like water. Strange huh? String theory states that the universe is one string, and particles small as gluons and as big as the higgs boson, are all "knots" in this string. I felt as if I was one of those "knots" in string theory since string theory literally states everything is connected, and I felt as if the particles around me had notices that I realised that they are here and I am with them and somehow they can communicate throw the first dimmension. and they where feeding me information, through images, at one point it was like they were going to take me somewhere when I had my eyes closed an image of beaches and mountains and palm trees slowly came closer and as it had covered my vision since I had thought "I want to go there" they cut off communication. and eventually I felt all these particles go towards me as they had somehow known I was not one of them. these particles came towards me and covered my body "do not give into suprise" do not "tell anyone about us" and they let me join they're world. But I do believe this was because I was having a total apifanny at that point

Anyway that's my theory I know it does sound insane but I only had my phone to write it since I was tripping so hard at the time I couldn't understand what exactly was going on.

Anyway that is my theory. And I my ego literally dying, could anyone help me?

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Must have been a rollercoaster.

Not unheard of "shamanic experience". I wouldn't advocate using substances, bit of a question mark over how hard they hit you and how much harm / benefit they bring.
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