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Chatter If it doesn't belong ANYWHERE else, post it here.

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Pat McDonald
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Oh Lordy, it never stops raining...

.:sht fan:.. and to be honest the last year has been exceptionally odd even by my standards.

I've even found myself confessing to religious ritual types that I appear to be suffering from an overdose of miracles.

I'm not saying they've all been good miracles, mind you. That concoction that has stained my eyes makes me want to puke my guts out, just thinking about it.

Urrgh... Dead, mammals, almost certainly including rats and who knows what else. And that was the least nasty bits.

Oh well, I mustn't feel sorry for myself, sometimes starving people have to eat human meat to survive.

The real snag is the hallucenogenic compounds... although I haven't heard back from the cops who I delivered a sample too. Absorbable through the skin, technically a WMD. Rest I zapped with bleach and salt and flushed. That's a serious amount of brain bending. Long term consequences are incalculable, but nevermind eh.

I did notice the cops have had the counter and building cleaned and redecorated since.I dropped off that sample, which was about 3 pints in the bottom of the jerrican I used to empty my own cold water tank.

Very very illegal, and a gross breach by my Landlord... freehold, but of course it's more complicated than that, with multiple layers of blame.

It's not good, but at least I'm still breathing. It's hard not to laugh really.

I would say "Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible" but that would be a very stupid thing to say on Psion Guild.

.:sht fan::
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Because assume just makes an ass of u and me.
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