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Ethics Discussion Discuss ethical concerns related to the use of psionics.

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Old 02-24-2012, 11:12 PM   #11
Golden Psi
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It wouldn't be appreciated either.
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Those who get far enough in their development that they can cause trouble, are usually know of by those who are also powerful. So the problem is self-solving. someone of potency steps out of line and causes trouble, the others on that level "handle" the issue.
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my thoughts?

given that there is certainly no shortage of psions or other energy-workers that seem to think that they can do as they please with no regard to the consequences and tend to become real shitheads in behavior, in that respect a "psi-cop" kinda organization would be something i'd consider worthwhile (though, not to the level of the babylon-5 universe where "psi-cop" came from.)

power corrupts. it's a simple realization of the human condition... and psionics/energy-working IS power in one way or another.

besides, if energy-working were ever to be legitimized, it wouldn't really be up to us as to wether there would be some sort of "psi-cop" institution... because i tend to be a realist on the matter when factoring in history, sociology and some psychology that IF we were to become legitimized, the "normal" populace would either force us to conform to some sort of regulatory body or we'd be persecuted and likely be hunted down or forced underground.
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I didn't read through every single post in the thread, so I may repeat some things, but I do not beleive that psionics should be controlled or regulated in any way at the present. As golden psi said before in the thread, most people who practice enough to actually do some harm are of good intents. For example, I'm fairly certain that I could eliminate people at my current skill level, give some details about them and plenty of time, but I won't because I believe it's wrong. I practiced enough to get up to my level, but I never had intentions of doing bad in the first place.
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psi seeker 34
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In a way we already do have a sort of psi police system set up. Those who step out of line verbally are corrected by the admins who may ban a troublesome member if need be, those who attack weaker members are dealt with via the defense department, and those who attack stronger opponents are put back in line by having their a**es handed to them.

Although it's not an official system it works flawlessly.
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Pat McDonald
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I don't think the thread was about behaviour on the forum... but it is interesting to note at least one law enforcement agency admits employees using similar techniques.
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