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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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Software vs. Hardware

What do you all think when it comes to software devices vs. hardware?
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Pat McDonald
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"Software device" is an oxymoron.

Software is non-physical. Hardware is physical.

In terms of performance, custom built hardware will always beat software, of a similar generation of technology BUT software solution will nearly always be cheaper than a custom hardware solution.
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Great Soul
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Software and psi

An interesting fact is that computer programs in binary run backwards. Trying to interface psionic constructs into computer software is harsh. Computers recognize nonstandard programming so you would have to analyze the electromagnetic emissions of a computer and compare User interface to emission changes. I can say for sure that current computer programming is not efficient.

How do I know this? I may have developed a technique for making computers explode physically with great force using psionics.

The point is a wide range of efficiency not used between computer code and computer hardware. This means that psionic constructs can be put on the computer. The interaction rate is higher so a construct that would last 6 months lasts between six days and six weeks.

You can psychically surf the Internet. The feeling is weird like OOB experience but in an alien environment.
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So I've been performing psionics for years now, as well as working with electronics and I professionally program.

I'm going to have to step in and call BS on Macman. Unless you can really cause computers to explode and can provide evidence I'm going to have to ask that you not say you can. Either A. You're lying or B. You have convinced yourself that those times your computer fried was your fault and not say, a critter or fluke.

As for the original question. When factoring in how well something helps you perform any psionic feats you must consider a few things. We can split these into the physical (which would be the real world energies, forces, quantum probabilities. Whichever powers psi.). And mental, the things the objects(software or hardware) do to your way of thinking that drives your psionic abilities.
As it stands we are inhibited in nearly any meaningful way from making actual functional psionics devices that work by influencing whatever physics that psi is working with. With this in mind the main category of methods we have for increasing our strength are mental hacks, a history of using symbols and spell books, artifacts and mantras is a strong indication that many before have realized this very thing.
With all that, right now, a properly made program could assist you in visualizing constructs and clearing your mind, as well as organize ideas and thoughts and symbols you use to trigger your abilities. Which could help someone's powers greatly over both the short and long term. We do not know enough about how it works to make machines or devices that can help, anyone claiming so, especially if they are selling it, has probably got snake oil.
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lol, don't take macman seriously. I'm fairly sure he's schizophrenic, most of his posts are completely incomprehensible.
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I would think that's all the more reason to do just that, there are a lot of young people here that are looking for answers.
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