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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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Radionics & Introduction

I came here looking for hunterlogic. Appears I was 2 years too slow :p Perhaps if I can get a signal.

I really fancy your guy's knowledge in radionics. I haven't done much looking around for forums or groups who discuss the subject. I have built my own understanding from the ground up. First I was working with crystals. Weird things with two sides sometimes located in strange spots, but these two specific locations had different feelings. One seemed to pull in while the other pushed out.

Started using wool and metal to accumulate and broadcast orgone. Got into using different materials by using the idea of materials that want to give up or gain an electron easily. Polyester and Nylon.

Bit later had the idea to use a capacitor. Hmm how to oscillate. Oh transistor! OooOOo pulsing orgone. *Happy* Learn others already do this *Darn!* Still proud ^_^

Decide to use aux from my computer to send signals to orgone accumulator. Hmm what hz to use. Solfeggio frequencies? Who is this *enter secret name*

Later I found out some very confusing things. Specific frequencies would cause the orgone to function in a certain way. Chains could be built. When we use a picture or just focus on someone we build that connection and from there can send, receive, observe. But what is this. Connections built physically.

Later the body now has a grid. Strings of guitar and locations. You hold your focus on your feet. You hold your focus in your stomach. Now physically with a device and the understanding of a grid and the way specific frequencies can be organized, you can create a point of magnetism for your focus.

Hmm much work behind it.

Much complicated that I want to tell you but I want you to see for yourself.

We create a ball of energy around us. Ok well if you play x frequency it will start like all starting plays, at the call it 0,0 point of the bodies grid. But we want a ball around us. Where as just an x will give us a A B. A would a down direction and B would be an up direction. Only giving you a hat like point that feels in its own way. So to get a ball going we need a point below the feet. All of these frequencies are programed by laying them out in a audio editing program like audacity. You lay them like bricks starting at the same or different times, alternating or a row of the same frequency, again you know the rules of the frequency then you build a weird song.

I have held back the frequencies. It seems to be my intention to hold onto this information because it is my hard prized work. I will tell you. 421578

Ok I lied.

Does that number sequence ring any bells?

I can tell you many things I have created. Although they are simple energy movements that I see a lot of threads on in the energy work forum. I know how to program orgone.

I have pictures that might be more interesting. I have spent a very large amount of time on this and the work runs deep so explaining it a long road. If anyone is very serious like I have seen, then maybe I can take the time to present myself.

It would also be awesome if anyone lived near me and wanted to do this together ^-^

Maybe you could quiz me or ask questions? Ask my views get to know me. Well we will see C:

Seemed like a fitting end :p But I also have a pretty good scientific view. But I want to improve that view like I think everyone else. So maybe some other convo starters. The cell membrane. As the brain of the cell. The building of proteins. Very complex proteins and their outside influencer, energy. The Biology of Belief Is a book. ^-^ Mr Emoto and his water crystals.

Why is there not open to the public laboratories like there is libraries?
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Originally Posted by Arts View Post
Why is there not open to the public laboratories like there is libraries?
Can't really comment on other bits of your post, but there are places called hackerspaces, makerspaces, and fablabs where you can hack technology using shared tools.

They're not quite "labs" but they are usually OK places to mess about with technology. Typically there's a monthly fee to cover costs of the site but they're usually MUCH cheaper than hiring space and tools yourself

You can find local ones here, or just use google with the terms and the the name of your location.

I'm in one now. :) Which reminds me, got something on the boil...

... EDIT: I forgot. Welcome to the Guild. :)
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