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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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I seen this posted, and ideas.

Originally Posted by INFINITE LIGHT View Post
I build the top secret radionics device.
First time I have seen someone doing something near this.

So. Charging water. You can take water and focus on feeling love. The water tastes different and feels different. Same with other intents. The intent is stored in the water by some means. Mr Emoto says that this is actually the structure of the, well makings of the water. atoms molecules quarks electron clouds and sh*t that form structure. They are interfered with by our own soup of sh*t.

Blah Blah!

So it never really hit me until I was reading this. I have been programing orgone and made some devices that can do some really cool things. But they are simple vectors and elastic like strings. A bit more complex things, but as far as a construct goes they aren't much. But if I just used me to create a complex structure. And a device to boost it. Bam! Right?

But honestly I don't see why this is off. It all looks right on. I mean the procedure and exact device. I understand it, but I also think it can be done in other ways. I have some ideas to add my own work to a device like this. But I get it. I mean I'll slowly advance here, but from all that I read there, it is so something that a me with slightly different knowledge would come up with. So thats why I am so, holy sh*t I want to go about this and see what some procedure like this is capable of.

I am not going to worry about how bizarre or how not so bizarre the claims sound, I am going to go about this thing. My own way because I don't have all that. But Im gonna go about it.

On some other related notes. Not sure if you guys have heard of a new camera. By the Lytro company. Its light sensor is layered so that it can capture a 3D depth of the field rather than a 2D flat image. CHECK OUT THE INFORMATION THESE PICS CARRY hhnnnnngggg

Want to do a scan or whatever you need to do that involves a picture link? lytro :3

So using a lytro camera captures the intent in a very full and powerful way.

How to go about broadcasting. I have used pictures of planets and seen very much there differences in signature. And as far as radionc devices go, being able to connect from-to or to-from. Or a whole bunch of other things.. Point being that ohhhhh oh my gosh!

Ahh.. ok. So Jing uhh a term in chinese internal arts. Also called burning cosmo, also called burning soul, also called nen. I like burning of soul. its just creating energy. Like pulling it and collecting. So anyway you can do this with the planets. You might be aware of this. I have seen threads on the elements. But yea each planet can be turned into its own little energy you can hold in your hands or whatever with.

Going through them I noticed they each had well their own signature. Duh. But each one could be use as its own ability. Mercury was these colorful rock like radiating things that were not good to eat, but were good as things to see from. So like if you wanted to look from multiple eyes as an ability or just whatever then burning of soul focused on mercury would. Then jupiter was an elastic like rubber substance. Mars was very just intelligent a ability to diagnose things. I was just creating uhh psi balls and playing with them. THE SUN HOWEVER was very well clear light fast somewhat golden clearness. Besides its appearance to my individualness it was very useful to throw around me and to increase visual. Like if you gathered it and put it around you then it would almost be like having a dream playing in front of you. It enhanced the imagination vividness by a whole lot. So as far as it being related to a strong materializer of our reality.

Any pros of radionics out there, how would you go about creating a more powerful device?

I have a set up now of creating basically like a 7ft 80 pound crystal and then using 70 amps to make it come alive. Basically an electrocrystal haha xD It is very powerful. And oh man can I control the range to make it the size of a neighborhood.

You know how magnets are N S. And if you throw another magnet out there it becomes N S N S. In radionics or like a crystal having a N S. when you throw another out there it does the same but now there are two rings. And you throw another and it gets further out. Like ring shells of electrons. And there is this weird ratio to when you add another it goes out 2x + 15 + x or some sh*t. Thats not a real equation I am just saying that the ratio of flipping to 'add a magnet' does weird things to the reach.

So like at times I have created these fu*king domes that are a neighborhood in size. They are pretty damn strong but get weak very fast when moving from the source.

I make it sound like I think I have the strongest set up out there. I do have a good set up, I believe. But I still will look at anything related.

What do you guys think about tesla coils?

I use the same thing in my devices but like a thousandth smaller than a tesla coil. I think with that much of a charged area you could get some terrifying results? Maybe? I have never been sure because I don't have all the science to be sure about predictions.

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Originally Posted by Arts View Post
What do you guys think about tesla coils?
They're not that scary, but very difficult to make. Each one operates at its own frequency which depends on the length and diameter of the coil, and the circuitry that drives it has to be EXACTLY matched to those dimensions or it does not work.

A local experimenter has been having fun with one he made that operates at microwave frequencies - apparently it does funky things with the shape of plasmas (that is, flames or fire). Haven't seen a demo of that yet but would make a very interesting way to "vector" jet engines.
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