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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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public faraday cage .

[I]Hello psychotronic people,

It appears that the decoupling of the waves psycho is to accompany by characteristic discomfort which confirms whereas you were well to couple by unknown factors culprit, we can then claim a Faraday screen room of the kind describes by the Net surfer “gothy” in the forrum:
with mitrix etc .qui can same carry out the demonstration direct according to its saying. I do not know large thing about standard of cage but the guy seems to thus know its costs anything of considered his message. Good let us take the example of a city like Paris, the policy can install a Faraday screen room anti-waves psycho in a public place like the city of sciences and which is able of all blocker (starting from 0.5 hertz, the frequency of the waves delta) just so that people can check that it are not to couple or that it are not skysophrene. so me I have to speak about a rough solution by default it has to say to use the fundamental rule of nonelectromagnetic propagation waves in the materials driver but copper it is not conducting enough, its copper fact too much to isolate a small zone but one can use materials potentially superconductive industrialist (magnetic field=0) like ceramics YBa2Cu3O7-δ or Re-Ba2Cu3O7-δ which one insulates in a tight structure having propriétées of a vase dewar and ensuitte drowned the enclosure of ceramics in liquid nitrogen to have a superconductive Faraday screen room, the problem is the rate of evaporation of the liquid nitrogen which it is necessary to reduce to the maximum. Good it is a solution by default to armor a bedroom for example (for the serious case), but I want especially to show that it is possible to install an anti-psychotronique Faraday screen room in a public place so that people can same vérrifier by them which it are to couple or not and can so about it show with a mitrix or any other technique in the presence of people qualified then the government will have to take its responsablility. I récapitile tactics:

1) to ask the public authority to install a Faraday screen room anti-waves psycho in a public place accessible to all .

2) If he says that the Faraday screen room psychotronic anti-wave with mitrix etc… does not exist then he can when same to install a superconductive Faraday screen room since we can build it if is needed, they cannot say NO.

well here is the idéa

Fabrice Bresil.

original caledonien (french)

Bon ok amis du people psychotroniquer,

il paraît que le découplage des ondes psycho est accompagner de malaise caractéristique qui confirme alors que vous étiez bien coupler par des inconnues coupable ,nous pouvons alors réclamer une cage de faraday du genre décrit par l'internaute ''gothy'' dans le forrum ​ avec mitrix etc..qui peut méme effectuer la démonstration direct d'aprés ses dire .Je sait pas grand chose sur se type de cage mais le mec a l'air de connaître donc sa coute rien de considéré son message . Bon prenons l'exemple d'une ville comme Paris ,les politique peuvent installer une cage de faraday anti-ondes psycho dans un lieu public comme la cité des sciences et qui est capable de tout blocker (à partir de 0,5 hertz ,la fréquence des ondes delta ) juste pour que les gens puissent vérifier quil ne sont pas coupler ou quil ne sont pas skysophrène . Bon moi j'ai parler d'une solution brute par défaut c'est a dire utiliser la règle fondamental de non propagation des ondes electromagnetique dans les matériaux conducteur mais le cuivre c'est pas assez conducteur ,sa fait trop de cuivre pour isoler une petite zone mais on peut utiliser un matériaux industriel potentielement supraconducteur (champ magnétique nul) comme les céramiques RE-Ba2Cu3O7-δ (RE=Rare Earth : Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd,...) ou YBa2Cu3O7-δ (Y123) que l'on isole dans une structure étanche ayant les propriétées d'un vase dewar et ensuitte noyé l'enceinte de céramique dans de l'azote liquide pour avoir une cage de faraday supraconductrice, Le problème est le taux d'évaporation de l'azote liquide quil faut réduire aux maximum . Bon c'est une solution par défaut pour blinder une chambre à coucher par exemple (pour les cas grave), mais je veux surtout montrer que c'est possible d'installer une cage de faraday anti-psychotronique dans un lieu public pour que les gens puissent vérrifier par eux méme quil sont coupler ou non et si en peut démontrer avec un mitrix ou tout autre technique en présence de gens compétent alors le gouvernement devra prendre ses responsablilité.
Je récapitile la tactique:
1) demander au pouvoir public d'installer une cage de faraday anti-ondes psycho dans un lieu public accessible à tous .
2) Si il disent que la cage de faraday anti-onde psychotronique avec mitrix etc...n'existe pas alors il peuvent quand méme installer une cage de faraday supraconducteur puisque nous pouvons la construire si il faut, ils ne peuvent pas dire NON .

Bon voilà l'idée ,à + .

Fabrice Bresil.[/I]
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Golden Psi
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Unfortunately, I cannot quite comprehend this, as I don't read French, and the translator used on the text doesn't have good grammar. However, is the point that the government should be placing energy-work suppressing fields in public places? If that is the case, my vote is no, as no government should suppress people's natural abilities.
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Pat McDonald
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Purahich did some research work on Faraday cages - he found that a space surrounded by a grounded charge improved psychic performance and a charged case (several KV positive) inhibited all psi activity.

I can see a lot of practical problems though - like, you have to be able to go to the toilet/eat/drink and interact - which isn't easy when inside a sealed cage.

There are also issues with whether or not the cage is a solid construction (blocking air) or made from mesh. Mesh has the disadvantage of being transparent to certain waveforms and frequences.

So, Fabrice, not so easy from the practical point of view.
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I had the same problem with reading through this, the French to english translation leaves much to be desired. I did read it through however, it seems to me that you say we should try putting these faraday caged rooms out in public to allow for people to escape from psychics. I presume these would be voluntary cages for one, secondly it has been shown to assist at times, then hinder at times, the effects of telepathy. So without more research we won't know for sure if it'll work that well. Hopefully I understood you well enough.
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If faraday cages were installed for individual protection...then I would say, uh, yes that the idea of putting them in public places is a good idea (assuming that the public was properly informed, of course). However, placing them to purposfully detain Psis would be a terrible thing to do. That would of course be taking away from somebody's freedom on more than a physical level.

And besides approval/disapproval, the cages still need further research (as NoMad said).
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Can somebody find a translator that won't get an F on a grammar test?
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