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Radionic, Psychotronic, and Psionic Devices Discuss devices intended to aid the use of psi and produce psi effects.

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Mhm hear me out Radionics

Magnetic field is same charged particles moving in a loop. Or a charged particle moving at all has an magnetic field that is the force that will interact with other particles. Supposedly even neutral charged particles. But that aside. With a watching these particles we have concluded that there are lines of force where vectors and sh*t come into play. Where by because this charged particle is moving in this direction it will interact with this particle in this position going this way with this force. So field lines are just a thing that can be painted there to represent what happens when another particle with its own thing going on comes near this particle with this thing going on.

Non magnetic material can become magnetized if another magnet is presented near it. In the magnet the particles are one, equal positive and negative charges, but two, they are spinning in the same direction as each other. Causing the certain amount of strength to the force that makes other particles want to spin in the same direction and thus show attraction in doing so. Increasing attraction as the particles in the non magnetized material become spinning in the same direction as the ones in the magnet.

But in materials that do not have equal positive and negative when a electric field (1) comes around from a charged particle. The orientation of molecules change. Because of their own electric charges interacting from the magnetic force. (1) electric field because if it was a magnetic field than that would mean that the charges have balanced each other out. In which case would not affect the material in the same way. The material is not looking or cannot see the magnetic field because it is not an electric field of which is open.

Wow that was great. I needed an output to re say everything I have learned.

Also is leading me into something else I have been curious about. And the real reason I am trying to learn about these things. Magnets and crystals. When a magnet is put up against a crystal the field lines are entering the crystal and the spinning charged particles are putting a force which is trying to get the charges in the crystal to spin. Here's where I am jumping. Like light refracted into many colors. Field lines which are the potential for if an particle enters to move it. are split up or carried. No the lines are only a range of what it can grab as for being actual things not really more currents. but perhaps these currents can still be mutated by the introduction to a crystal.

Hmm. Going back up what sparked this. was that electric fields are from charged particles that are by themselves and thus able to adapt and change surroundings. But in magnets they are very tightly locked together. With a crystal it seems very much like what from two ends appears to be electric charges on one side and electric charges on the other side. Which also makes sense because electric charges are produced when a mechanical stress bends the crystal. So if the crystal has free electric charges on each side. Positive and negative. You add a magnet to one side.. the charges there will want to spin with the magnets charges OF THE SAME CHARGE. Which is why the N and S have specific connections to specific sides of the crystal. Once spinning they should create a magnetic field as well. But what im curious about is how if the electric charges built up on one side are beginning to spin, what happens to the charges on the other side? And does the crystal then begin to produce the same electric spinning charges as it is once again influenced by its own creations being changed. Because the crystal gets mechanical stress from things like magnetic fields right. Hmm its a bit up in the air.
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