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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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A room of mirrors that works but I do not know why

Goodmorning everyone!
I'm new to the forum even if I've been following you for some time.
I decided to register because I can not find an answer (or a single answer) to how I do what I'm about to describe.

In a nutshell: when someone gives me the torment (for example my boss or a particularly harassing neighbor), I close my eyes, and I visualize this person inside a room of mirrors.

The walls, the ceiling and the floor are mirrors that reflect the image of those who bother me. The room externally seems made of brickwork.

After doing this, drawing on each wall and also on the ceiling and under the floor, a letter of the alphabet to "close" the work. And that's it.

Those who disturb me stop almost immediately, I do not even cross it anymore or is engaged in sudden matters that distract him from disturbing me.

I read on the site of Psion Guild, that the mirrors used in this and in other ways, in fact constitute a shield that in my case I create around those who disturb me but that actually works even when I do it around me, placing the part reflecting outwards.

But I create all this "in my personal mental space", without accumulating psi energy in my body and out of my body (although when I create the mirror room I get very hot, especially my head).

Also, I do not feed the shield in any way, at least not voluntarily.

Could someone explain to me:
what I'm doing exactly?
How does something that exists in my mind manage to influence reality?
And finally, am I using psi energy?

Thank you so much for the answers you'll want to give me!

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In my opinion - you are giving them an unusual "anomalous" bizarre thought form that makes them pause, because they don't recognize it.

People are affecting, bending and twisting reality around them all the time. That's humans for you, egomaniacs that really do think they are important, wheras compared to say, the planet, or a star, or the universe as a whole, we're pretty much irrelevent.

You could say psi energy was mind energy. Sort of cross wave, mental state on one axis, emotional state on the other. Which is always moving, because everything in the universe is moving, compared to MOST everything else in the universe. Google "Inertial Frame of Reference" for some of that topic
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