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Psionics Theory Discuss various theories relating to psionics and psi abilities.

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What makes psionic practice tiring?

I notice that when I start to practice my psionics, I get pretty tired from doing it, like having been sporting, without moving at all. (I usually practice about 1 hour straight a day, when I'm practicing). Anyone knows what causes the actual tiring at such a high rate? I notice it's about as tiring as reading a book all day, for another comparision. Is the tiring just because of concentration, because psi is some form of condensed 'normal' energy used by the body(the energy used to keep us warm, e.g. c6h12o6 (some form of sugar, take the numbers as subscript)), both or something else?
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Pat McDonald
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I can't give an exact answer but i can give you an analogy...

... it's partly down to what your basal limits are on conciousness - your "base line". Go too far out of the comfort zone, then fatigue symptons set in.

Part of practising any activity is that it gives you a higher base line to work with.

I can speculate (ONLY speculate) a bit as to why - it could be that, the actual "hardware", the physical cells, undergo some changes when they are performing at these tasks. In time, fatigue "poisons" are produced which need flushing out / processing.

I suspect it's a lot more complex than that, as part of dream activity seems to include repair or rejuvenation of nerve tissue.

One thing I have noticed over the years, an awful lot of people just go very drowsy if not actual sleepy when you start talking about psionics and mind powers. Almost like they are unconciously "protecting" themselves from any understanding, as that would include some scary self examination and adjusting of values and belief systems.
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Near as I can tell the production of psi energy actually requires physical nutrients.

Something I read suggested that human blood functions sort of like a crystal. Given my own experimentation: dissolved crystals (like table salt) produce psychic energy when kept within body temperature range. The temperature range 110 to 120F (a high fever) seem to be ideal for producing this energy.

Truth be told, nobody really knows why you get tired from psychic practice, they just know it does happen. Fortunately as you get stronger the effects will dramatically decrease.
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I think if you can take rest after every one hour than you can continue it for a longer time.
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