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Spirituality This is where unscientific (i.e. can't be observed or tested) threads should go. Religion, Otherkin, and other faith-based topics may be included here. Keep posts respectful, or the threads will be locked.

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Lightbulb Demons

Allow me to first explain my experience with demons.

I work hand in hand with demons, the greatest of them being the Goetic Demonic King Belial. I've met many types of them and they are personable, intelligent beings.

You must understand something, if you think you've fought a demon, you almost certainly have not. Lower demons maybe but even then it's a stretch. Demons have much better things to do and bigger enemies to tackle, namely Tiamat.

Another thing for people who think they've won a skirmish with a demon, the astral is literally a land of shapeshifters. Any astral nasty could make itself appear as the general idea of a demon, which is left over from religions. Actual demons- ones higher in the hierarchy- do not appear like that. The meanest I've seen a higher ability demon appear is that of a knight. Often powerful demons manifest as geometric shapes or code. And they have no reason to just attack you. It's not in their nature, coming from someone who has created them and someone who is practically a brother to a Demonic King.

Just know that it is likely you have never fought a demon. Often, cloaking is employed by parasites to make them appear bigger than they actually are.

There will be blood, shed by the many in the revolution in which the gods shall bleed.
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