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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Is it possible to speed up my metabolism?

So, is it possible to enter some kind of a focus where i can controll speed of my metabolism or to atleast increase body heat?
I am trying to lose weight, so i thought this might help me to burn faster
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You can increase your metabolism. Here are a few methods:

Dump energy into psi production and ground it out.

Increase your skill in energy management and increase your understanding of pattern interaction, for some reason when I do these it increases my metabolic rate.

Another method is the body image method for using bio-pk. Imagine how you want to look and add energy to accomplishing that image of yourself that you imagine every day.

Then there is the psi enhancement method use psi to enhance your metabolism continuously at low amounts of psi use. The continuous effort at low energy gradually makes the pattern change permanent. This method is good for increasing your psionic endurance.
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ill vouch for the enhancement one i do this periodically when im working splits and long days got a hour break or so chow some food channel increase the burn rate b back up at capacity in 15 min max
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