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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Substitute for Reiki using emotions

Originally Posted by Macman View Post
Maybe charging is of the electric properties of psi. By charging the electrical property psi the body develops an increased bioelectric field that interfaces with the electric field of the electrons in static electricity. This causes the static electricity to build up along electrical field lines of the body. I also had an interesting idea about emotions that emotions are embodied by electrical field structures that are propegated outside the body by quantum fluctuations of a vacuum and static electricity. This means it is possible to charge emotions. Say for example you don't want to feel rage. You charge rage and study how to break down rage into smaller electric field modules and use those smaller electric field modules to build emotions you want to feel.
Disease can be defined as a disorder in the pattern of a person. Disorder is destructive to order.

Emotion as a pattern of electrical field changes in the body can be applied to making a substitute for Reiki out of emotion, homeopathy, and radionics. Reiki could be a pattern of electrical field changes that diagnose by having the bioelectric field of a person be the input into the Reiki electric field pattern. The Reiki pattern output works on the person causing electrical field changes that cause biochemical reactions for cure of the disease. My theory of how reiki does this is by transforming the biochemical source of the destructively interfering bioelectric field to a healthy constructively interfering pattern of chemicals and corresponding electric fields.

Radionics is used to improve input and output of a person using subconscious patterns. Homeopathy uses changes in the dielectric field of water by chemicals to treat diseases. Emotions can be made to imitate both. Something that can be done is go to a supermarket or any place that has medicinal products. Scan the chemical make up of each of the medicinal products for an electrical field pattern. Then practice replicating the feeling of the medicine from emotions using the scan memorize the pattern of emotions that replicates the electrical field of the medicine. Repeat for all the medicinal products. When a disease happens in the body remember all the patterns of medicine memorized and use the subconscious to mix and match the medicine patterns until the best possible pattern for a healing bioelectric pattern is developed. Apply the pattern of medicinal emotions and when the pattern heals the disease memorize that pattern as an attunement for disease curing. find amplifying patterns
Radionics can be used to dowse for the specific disease. Curing that disease can be done with cool things like radionic projection of homeopathy. Test each homeopathic vial for the specific electrical field pattern, then place a series of vials together as they match the bioelectric field attunement that fits the disease, and then place the vials in the amplifying radionic device. I do not practice radionics but this could be effective for somone.
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