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Healing Using psi for healing energetic and physical wounds, ailments, and other disorders.

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Forarm vein hurts

Hi nice to meet you, I'm ServentDaath. [yep. Spelling error]
I'm not exactly new to Psi, nor experience in it. I am aware of how to my Psi balls but can't seem to make them stronger. but that isn't what I'm here to talk about in this post.

A year ago, I created a seal on my left forearm, one in which would use psi energy to increase my body's physical capabilities, using the veins as an energy route. It gave me some issues and so I ripped the seal off and destroyed it.

Since then, my left forearm, specifically the veins, hurts regularly and the pain is returning recently. I can't seem to heal it either.

Any advice on what to do?
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Pat McDonald
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Depends on whether it's a physical injury (I am not sure) or more of a non-physical injury.

Left arm, left side as a whole, is a tricky one. People, on the average, tend to take more blows and damage on the left side than the right. Because most of the incoming is coming from right handed people. Over the years it adds up, and sometimes it can't heal because a person's posture and balance has been changed.

To cut a very long story short, I've had quite a few knocks and breaks on the left side of my body, and regularly had pains and spasmodic twich in the left arm/left shoulder/left side.

20 minutes with the right orthopedics person taught me I had to adjust my posture in walking (I was compensating for the injury), regular twisting, stretching and relaxing of the arm (to ease out the nerves and prevent the spasms building up) and especially, good posture for sleep and pillow size/placement.

If I keep applying those methods, I'm OK. If I stop, I start getting the symptons again.

I don't know if this helps you, but see if you can get some physio therapist to check you out and report on muscular/nerve problems in your left arm. Took me 2 years of visits to find the right person and the simple advice... they were actually retired but consulted as and when needed to people who weren't getting good answers.

Think about it - it's actually in a physio-therapists best interests to keep you coming back for more treatment...
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thank you for replying, i'll take your advice into account :)
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