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View Poll Results: How did you get inspired?
Born with it 22 44.00%
Interest in paranormal activities 19 38.00%
Wish to get back at people 1 2.00%
Anime, Comics, Shows, etc. 8 16.00%
Voters: 50. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-30-2011, 11:34 PM   #1
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Post How did you get inspired to do Psionics?

I personally watched a lot of anime, so when I was 13, I started with auras, then moved onto manipulation. I practice both psi (for psionics sake) and ki (for nostalgia's sake). I'm not afraid to admit it, but I do try to recreate the things I used to watch on my favorite shows, like ki blast and levitation, and I've been pretty successful.
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Old 08-31-2011, 04:55 AM   #2
Golden Psi
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Combination of two, really. I was born with the ability, but slowly lost it over time. At one point, I was linked to a store that sold binaural beats. Looking through some, I found obe's on telepathy, AP, etc. and decided to look these topics up. I found psipog, and was inspired to start working in psionics, though my belief ib it was caused by reflection on past experiences.
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Old 08-31-2011, 05:09 AM   #3
Sweet, Amber Mist.
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I guess I was born with it (clairvoyance and things of that nature) but I learned most of how to do it a couple years ago, making psi balls with my friends and playing "catch" with them.
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Old 09-09-2011, 08:23 PM   #4
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When I got the feeling that my thoughts were broadcasted to the whole area around me
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Old 09-10-2011, 10:05 AM   #5
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Two years ago, my friend said she was gonna try magicK. I said I would join her. After a while, I stumbled across a spell called psiball. That was the only thing that worked. I was really reluctant to do witchcraft, so I just watched, really. So, I read in a magazine, an article about chakras. I had a mini guide on making a chakra sphere, which I now know Is psi. Well, I thought, hey this is like real life naruto! So I started reading naruto. Once i saw the rasengan, I remembered about psiballs, and came back to psionics.

Oh yeah, I can do the rasengan with psi.
Just google almost a jutsu.
I think I was born with psi, because at a young age, I was simulating isochronic tones in my head, and didn'teven know what it was.
The path of personal evolution has no beginning or end; therefore, we are all equally potent.
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Old 09-19-2011, 03:53 AM   #6
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Well, about two years ago on deployment with the U.S. Navy, I started to get into it when a shipmate of mine asked me if I was into anything out of the ordinary. From there on it was noticed that I had a knack for Psionics.

Personally right now I'm not going to vote, and it's mainly because I think I'm born with it due to my ability to pick things up fairly quickly, but at the same time I wanted to learn how to do it.
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Old 09-19-2011, 09:56 AM   #7
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Born with it, learned to suppress empathic/telepathic overload... Born with energy working ability (also in childhood developed first constructs).
I started reading about widely understood esotherics at age of ~15 (I think that was the time when I got off from modem to a bit more broadband connection which allowed real internet browsing to look for stuff).
I've had some bursts of higher activity with times of lower activity in between, but still developing, mostly on my own, sometimes talking to friends with some abilities (I seem to very easily get imprints of skills someone uses near me, which I can later on 'mimick' myself - learning to use it first exactly same way as they did, with option to develop the ability further if I want to)
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The Insane
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For me, it was a combination, I think, of being born with it and it answering when I went through a very hellish 6th grade, during which my dog died, I moved schools, and became the pariah of the new one. Years later, when I read of the Montauk Project (basically severe mental/emotional stress bringing out latent psi ability), I was reminded how I started using energy and talking to the wind in 7th grade, though my experience was tame compared to the Project.

I was mercilessly picked on, to the point I was desperate for anything to fight back with. Even after my abilities manifested, rage was my focus and my driving force. I was obsessed with lightning as a means of revenge. Unfortunately, that reckless lust for power and desire to harm are still very much alive in me today. Over the years it's gotten easier to control.
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Born with it. When I was young I had the ability to "see" things that others could not. And when I couldn't actually see them with my eyes, I felt them, at times I even smelled them. I believe that I was also able to feel people's emotions then, but since it was so long ago I can't quite remember clearly (seeing "demons" is a lot more traumatic than sensing that your mom has had a sucky day, and thus I remember that better). Obviously I was confused by what was happening, and many times terrified. So, I suppressed it. Not long after I hit puberty I got interested in the paranormal, quite out of the blue, and began reading everything I could about psychics, ghosts, aliens, etc. At around the age of 15 I discovered Qigong exercises, and meditation. Soon my "senses" began returning, and I was able to feel the beings again, and at times sense emotions and thoughts. I also began being able to feel the energy of the world surrounding me, but was not yet good at it. Soon after I started Qigong and meditation, I learned about Reiki. The first time I did Reiki, it was like I had been blind my whole life, and could suddenly see. My ability to sense all energy types became pretty strong, though I still was not able to always tell from where they were originating (still can't always), and I found that I had a natural gift for manipulating the energy without having to visualize it, unlike most beginner energy workers who have to see it in their mind to make it do much. I started doing small healings for my family members. But I still wasn't able to fully control my "gifts" (the abilities I had been born with), and I could find nothing in Qigong or Reiki that looked like it could help me with that. And then I discovered Psionics. After studying it for a while, I found that pretty much everything I could do with Qi/Ki I could do with Psi, and that Psionics would also help me to learn to control the inborn abilities. So now I only use Psionics for my energy working (actually found that I may have been using Psi the whole time without knowing it. I checked what it felt like when I used Qi up against what others said Psi felt like, and found that it was exactly the same.), and use some Qigong exercises for stretching, and when a Qigong exercise requires the use of energy, I use Psi instead of Qi (I ignore my dantian and focus on creating energy where I need it instead). I am (very slowly) learning to control my gifts, and also looking into some other areas (such as aura viewing, which I recently noticed I could do without really trying).
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I have always had prophetic dreams but I didn't really get into it until I was 14. After that I had the rude awakening of empathic melt down due to one girl's ability to multiply emotions (in my case love sickness).
Wisdom is a circle what you receive you must also give back in due proportion and the measure by which you give back is also returned to you in due proportion.

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