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Hey guys! Psionic Walker here... I'm new :)

Hi Guys,

New member here just beginning to learn new abilities.

Thinking of possibly having a meet up if there are any aussies in here who would want to share/learn knowledge of psionics.

I myself am new. at this moment in time I have constructed my energy shield, Locked my mind away with a encrypted key(protecting myself from darker physic attacks) and practiced "psi balls".

Mainly practicing my shield. just to get used of the energy. I do it everytime I stop at red light intersections. higher guide says integrating this into my driving will help me advance, also strictly been told not to practice while driving too because its dangerous.. been told off! lol

Later on when I do a heap more research and practicing I'm pretty sure ill be looking for a teacher but id like to advance a lot more before than o I don't waste their time.

Today I went to a pshyic expo... ended up getting an energy healing and wow was that amazing literally felt the energy sucked out of my body and than being able to achieve this state of calm all afternoon. I really did feel amazing and my Psi energy shield came on a lot stronger... I'm guessing I must of had an energy blockage...

any way I hope to learn a lot from you guys.

We are already pretty gifted to end up on this forum.
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