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Newbie Questions This forum is for new members (or anyone, really) to ask "beginner" questions about anything psi-related.

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Question my first post.....hello.

hello... i am new to this forum, and to the psionic science as well...although i have been a user for quite some time, i never had a vocabulary, or concept set to use to describe the "things going on" terms like "push", "squeeze", "draw" "hide" were about as close as i could get to DESCRIBE the feel of what was happening...and with some regularity, achieving some very satisfying results.
i only mention here events witnessed by others, then discussed with them about it.(ugh awkward sentence). so...things like, showing up unannounced at someones house and they say "oh good, you got my page"...and the pager goes off. levitation, "i REALLY wish you wouldnt DO that around here..." i looked down to see i am stamding on the edge of 4 or 5 large sheets of posterboard leaning against the wall(i was checking the attic hatch, and was head & shoulders in the attic) "oh srry" and i just "wiggled & relaxed" and smooth as silk the posterboard slid down trhe wall until i was standing on the ground." thanks....fuckin weirdo" she says with a smile. caught "shapeshifting" was in an arguement w.girlfriend and suggested we pretend we are someone else and a roommate busted me.she asked what the hell were you just doing? i was pretending to be someone else...uh huh!! busted. the likst goes on...i throw hits the target in the head, such as a snake from a high bridge, my brother with a hard green apple i threw as hard as i could almost straight up, him full speed run, hit him top o the head. the list grows...teleportation, time dilation....i tried "magic(k)" not ANY help there, always felt comfortable with psi as indicated by my phrase "psinet is STILL faster than pagenet" refering to my habit of showing up just BEFORE getting a, my question is, Am I in the right place?? Finally?? i have heard this guild is admin'ed by masters, really, by the best, so i'm told, oldest and most established these things sound like your cuppa?? i suuure hope so, read the rules, the faqs, the glossary, and seems legit, like this just might be someplace with some like-minded people. sure hope so, in fact, just the thought this MIGHT be so, is making me cry, so...enough for now this bright new hope, thanks, i remain, your old friend, just met.
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You are not alone, I have been in similar situations and I deal with "what goes bump in the night" so if you need some help feel free to let me know.
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Hey! guys i also suffering from this situations.
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Teleportation, levitation, time dilation. I believe these are possible to do with psi. They are only a source of suffering in as much as you still need to learn to understand them.
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I am a psionist and general pain-in-the-ass-to-understand. This humorously speaking and literal all too often. If I don't make sense, then this is your friendly reminder to tell me to be more intuitive.
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