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psionics course?

I'm serving a Vipassana course right now. If you don't know about it, it's a particular kind of meditation taught in ten day courses. Everybody takes a vow of silence for nine days, and pretty much does nothing but meditate, between four to twelve hours a day.

I'm a server, being pretty much camp staff, which is why I'm allowed to keep my cell phone (out of view of students) and post to the internet. This is my sixth course, having attended two as a student, and four as a server.

I'm thinking this will be one of my last courses. I have learned the technique, and I have learned that the way they teach here is inefficient, and sometimes just plain wrong. But I very much like the way it's conducted, being ten days out in a secluded place, with everyone working very seriously.

So I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a psionics course like that.

This course is run on a donation basis, where it's free to everyone because old students have donated money to make it possible for new students. That's a Buddhist thing, and I don't think it would work as well for a psionics course, but maybe if we charged a small amount to cover rent for the campus, food for the students, and so on.

Would anyone be interested in such a thing?
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I would never be able to stand to meditate in a group. I do that privately.
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Well Saladin, my opinion on your idea is that it could work, in a similar way to the goal of Psion Guild "Chapter Houses" concept.

What you will have to do is what you are trying to do now... network to advertise your training regime, looking for potential people who want to grow in a way that you can teach.

There are many difficulties to overcome in that, for instance location of your courses, the media you use to advertise your training, and the specific advantages you offer.

But potentially, yes, anyone can do that. I wish you well on your concept.
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