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Food and Beverage Recipes, nutrition information pertinent to psions, etc.

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Psion Health Tips

Psion Health Tips

#1 Potassium helps immensely, as it seems to get drained with psi use and combat. (Google search "potassium foods". It is available as a pill supplement form.) So have some Potassium when drained and you'll feel better immediately.

#2 Vitamin B-Complex keeps people feeling happy.

Psions, Empaths and other Awakened tend to get depressed at the drop of a hat. Vitamin B-Complex can change that for most of us. It can be found in lots of unprocessed foods and vitamins. (Google "Vitamin B foods")

Any time you start feeling down or depressed have some and you'll feel better within 20 mins. Don't overdose on it, take only the recommended amount on the vitamin bottle.

#3 Being attacked or drained by a Psion? Take a Pain Pill.

Psi attacks change Blood Pressure, by lowering/raising/cycling it up and down.

Take 1 pain reducer pill like Tylenol, Aspirin or Aleve, and you won't feel the attack any more. What's more is you can still use psi at the same time.

#4 It’s handy to have some Fruit Juice and a bite of Chocolate. These negate the distressing effects of psi attacks on the body and psi exhaustion when you do too much workout.

Keep your body healthy, and have these things handy wherever you are, and you'll be much better off with psi health.

Awakened have the opportunity to change themselves tremendously. We can delete old memories, temper our ego, alter our programming and mod our systems. The result means total personality shift and the ability to choose who we wish to be. Happiness and calm are within our grasp.
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I'd never thought I would read even a mention of Human-Cattle Pharm pills in a site with as high a caliper as this.
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Thank you for these health tips. Health is very crucial for everyone. The body should be active and healthy for a very long period of time. I am also very peculiar about my health. While surfing on the web, I found about guide fitness. I found it essential as it provides a short program to get a fit and toned body. Taking healthy and nutritious diet is very important to keep the body fit. Potassium is a very significant body mineral. It is an important mineral to the body and plays roles at both the cellular and electrical level.
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Great fitness tips. This can be adopted.
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