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Will root canal lead to chronic diseases?

Hey, my daughter is in need of a root canal treatment. After careful examination, our doctor said that she has an infection on her pulp and is in need of a root canal treatment. So as per the recommendation by our doctor, I took an appointment for root canal treatment at Calgary. Our doctor is on leave for the next few weeks so he suggested me this dental clinic.
Edna, my daughter is having severe pain while chewing food and drinking something hot or cold. I first gave her clove oil in order to subside the pain. But it only had a momentary effect. That was when I took her to a dentist.
Recently while searching for home remedies to treat toothache, I read a blog that said about the diseases that root canals can lead, including cancer!
I was shocked to read it. It said root canals can lead to Heart disease, Kidney disease, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and much more. Is it true?
Is there a chance for my kid to develop all these diseases? If anyone knows about this, please be kind to share your wisdom.
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Probably, cancer
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Hmmm... unlikely, but root canals ARE very invasive surgery.

It's like you are opening up the blood system to the dirtiest part of the body (the mouth) so keeping the surgical area sterile and free from bacteria and viruses is trickier than normal.

Tea tree oil with water mouthwash should help, but if the surgery is botched to begin with, the surgeon has already put the infection in.

This happens in about 1% or less of cases, 99% of root canals heal up just fine WITHOUT any anti-bacterial mouthwashes afterwards.

I just brush with sea salt. No Fluoride, keeps the teeth clean, kills the bugs that eat sugar and rot teeth.

I do use the tea tree oil when I've got an especially cruddy mouth and it needs a good cleanse, but that can shrink the gums, so not every day.
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