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Alarm monitoring systems

Hey guys, I wanted to get some insights on 433 MHz and 868 MHz alarm systems. Recently, I came across an article which says that both belongs to free-license ISM bands, which didnít ring any bells to me. What I understood is that both 433 and 868 are widely used for wireless alarm systems. I think earlier 433 was widely used for the same purpose but now replaced by 868 because of some interference issues. I donít know what this all means. I wanted to know more about both 433 and 868. If anyone has good knowledge about both, please let me know. And also I want to know which one is better for alarm monitoring systems since I am planning to install one myself. Will installing myself be okay.??? Should I give a call to some alarm monitoring companies???
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OK, one principle for security is - the professional will, given the right tools, opportunity, time and knowledge, always be able to negate security measures.

I learned this fact a LONG time ago, building my first (and currently, last) electronic alarm system, a designated, delegated task from my superior at the time I was working R & D.

Kind of put me off the whole idea, really. BUT...

... You aren't trying to keep out Illuminati Agents / MIB / Roving Alien Mindbenders or similar conspiracy theory" issues, you are just trying to put up some kind of deterrence to opportunistic theives.

Now, some answers...

1) The "radio spectrum" gets split into different frequency bands. Some (most actually) are designated as "off limits" to civilians like you and me. Which bands get used for what depends on where you live in the world.

2) As more electronics gear has been invented and deployed, over the years, the bands get congested with traffic, and similar systems tend to interfere with each other. So, different bands are "released for civilian use" and the consumer civilians get more choice over what they fit.

3) Usually install at home kits for security are OK, they work up to a certain point, and if you have such a system, you DO get some breaks on things like insurance premiums (alarmed places pay less for insurance purposes) and also a bit more deterrence if you have a "bell box" (the electronic noise maker that is the physical "alarm maker") screwed up high on the outside of your property.

Personally I would build my own but most people don't have my skills. Just as well really - the knowledge to build can also be used as knowledge to destroy...
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