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Pat McDonald
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Dr Ed May on UK/European Tour

Dr Ed May, a retired academic who was appointed head of the research at SRI/SAIC on "Cerebroenergetics" in Los Angeles Menlo Park in 198... think it was 1985...

... Anyway, he's doing a European tour of lectures at various institutes, so if you want to hear some words from a very wise man, be there... or be somewhere else.

I might make the London one, by email he was very complimentary to me about that BasicRVAnalysis guide that I wrote.


Ed May's speaking tour of European cities October 2017

« on: October 04, 2017, 12:23:48 PM »

Ed May, Ph.D., a leading Parapsychology Researcher and former head of the Star Gate program, will be speaking in several cities in Europe this month. Ed says the programs are open to the public. Here is the schedule:

Date Location Presentation Duration (min)
13/10/17 Paris: The IMI Psi for Spies (7-9PM) 120

17/10/17 London SPR Star Gate Archives: Reports of the US Government-Sponsored Psi Program—1972-1995

19/10/17 Oslo SPR Multiphasic Model of Precognition

21/10/17 Stockholm Swedish SPR 10:00-11:30 Precognition: The only form of psi 90
13:00-14:30 Stargate Archives. Q&A to 16:00 90

23/10/17 Gothenburg Parker Star Gate Archives: Reports of the US Government-Sponsored Psi Program—1972-1995
Thanks to Jon K for the heads up via

London registration page, event starts 7PM, not GMT because clocks don't go back until 29th October this year... (£5 for non-members of SPR like me, entry for members and unwaged/retired is cheaper);-

For the French Event, this link might be use to European PG members outside the UK;-

Sorry I couldn't search for registration at the other venues, I'm a bit pushed for time today.
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