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Mental Abilities Sensing and affecting thoughts, emotions, nervous system impulses, and instincts.

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Am I a candidate for individual counseling?

Am I a candidate for individual counseling? I feel depressed all the time. I don't know the exact reason behind this. I was a person who enjoys outing with friends. I hated sitting alone at home. But nowadays I feel too lazy to go out of my home. I hate meeting people. I never attend the call when my friends call me. I don't know what is happening to me. Yesterday I heard my mom talking to dad about taking me for individual counseling at a clinic in Toronto. I am afraid of counseling. Is there anyone here who had undergone an individual counseling for depression? Please share your experience. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by cherylwright View Post
Am I a candidate for individual counseling?
Unless you are not an individual, by definition, you are a potential candidate for an individual <fill in noun or activity of your choice).

If it sounds scary for you, imagine what it's like for the counsellor - their job is to talk to people who are <scream loudly> NUTTY MAD PEOPLE...

<do mad cackle>

I mean, what a job, talking to complete and utter crazy people...

<do another mad cackle>

... and EVERYBODY KNOWS, it's only the NUTTY MAD PEOPLE who do BAD THINGS...

... If this response looks like a joke to you, you are correct. I suspect your problem is, pretty much, you don't have any elders to look up to or get advice or wisdom or respect from, because your parents wants to protect you from the NUTTY MAD PEOPLE...

... I've got news for them, there are just people. People sometimes do NUTTY MAD actions some time, because they are motivated to do that by "reasons".

Hope you get some interest in a hobby that you love. Turn it into a career and you might get somewhere without being told what to do by other people... which is why I'm leaving the choice to you.

We make our own choices. If you choose to be a candidate, then you can be one. If you choose not to be a candidate, nobody else can force you into that position and expect you to succeed.
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