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Law Enforcement Assistance Discuss using psi to aid law enforcement.

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Proving psionics

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a project for approximately 5 years. I wanted to prove that psychics truly exist (even to a person who would be a skeptic about psychic phenomena).

A part of my project is in the final stage. Meaning I could actually prove psychic abilities to be real.

I'm currently trying to gather at least twenty people on my end who are willing to participate in my experiment. If I find more that would would be cool as well.

Now here is where members of the psion guild can help out. If you can get five or more members of the guild or friends who are knowledgable about psionics and willing to use abilities to help please contact me. I can be reached at [email protected].

Before you contact me. You must know that there are three people who live in the apartment above me that know a little bit about psionics. they are mean and might try to turn you into a sink or something. I don't know they can really do this. I think they might have done it to someone who lives with me. I'm at a secure location right now. I'll be back here tommorow in the afternoon.

If you want more information about my project please contact me at my email address.

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