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Energy Working, Constructs, and Shielding Discuss moving and sensing energy, creating shields, psi balls and other constructs, linking, defensive techniques, and more.

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Ideas from fiction that may work.

One idea is the sanre glove from bleach, A glove that disperses the energy that a certain group of characters in the anime used as a weapon. After training with the sanre glove the character that used it grew more powerful.
I built a construct bound to a bracelet that does this dispersion and I'm fighting it for control of the psi I gather and generate so I can get more skilled with energy.
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I would think a construct meant to enhance your own ability to do energy work would be easier and faster, but this way may be a valid way to increase your efficiency while training, like wearing weights on your ankles when running. I'm not sure if it would work the same way though.
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Hmm sounds interesting. Don't quite get why you'd be fighting it for energy though.
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Originally Posted by Inkheart View Post
Hmm sounds interesting. Don't quite get why you'd be fighting it for energy though.
i think that if this is what i'm thinking, it'd be like a vamping construct... basically meant to disperse or ground your energies.

i can imagine that if it was controlled properly and one was working with it on, they'd be working harder to build up a charge... such that when they aren't in range of the construct, their energies might be a bit stronger? this is more a theory, however... i do have some anecdotal ideas that support this, but i don't want to render it as "fact" until it's been tested a bit more thoroughly
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There are lots of ideas from fiction that may, and even do, work. A great deal of standard Chaos magic comes from Lovecraft's fiction. They theorize wide knowledge and belief in a thing makes it more real, this has been studied by many circles, and is larelgy found to be true. I recall watching a documentary years ago about a group of eight or so individuals with little or no psychism/magic training meeting once every two weeks for over a year, to discuss a fictional person/entity. As I recall by the end of the term when they tried to 'evoke' the person/entity large psychokinetic phenomena clearly indicated the existence. In this fashion most everything from fiction can be useful, though that is not to say they necessarily are useful.
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Curiosity and belief at the same time have a similar output to Miri post.
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