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    Healing & Defense

    The purpose of the Healing & Defense Department is to support Psion Guild members who are suffering from psionic-related injury or attack.

    WARNING: If your symptoms are urgent and possibly life-threatening, do not wait for a response from us. Please go see a doctor immediately.


      Administrator: Amaya

      If you are suffering from psionic-related injury (including, but not limited to, impaired psi ability), or need advice on other psionic-related issues, please contact us via the forum or IRC.


      Administrator: Daimon

      If you are under attack by other psions, energy workers, mages, malicious entities, rogue constructs, or other forms of psionic and psychic attack, please contact us via the forum or IRC. In the case of persistent psionic attacks, Defense staff may step in and give aid in dealing with the problem. That aid may be in the form of augmented shielding, counterattack, or something entirely different, such as diplomacy, depending on the situation.

    Disclaimer: All energywork, healing, advice, defense, etc. is given at your own risk, is not a substitute for a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed therapist, and is merely an aide offered by people wishing to help. The Psion Guild, its staff, nor any others who are consulted accept any responsibility for the results. We will be legally required to report all serious crimes to the proper authorities. This is a law and we must follow it.