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    On-going Projects

    • The Survey That Ate Manhattan
      A general survey collecting data about psi abilities, physical and behavioral traits and issues, and environmental factors. Survey can be submitted on the forum by replying to each thread, PM’ed via the forum to either Winged Wolf or Amaya, or emailed to Winged Wolf or Amaya. To submit data anonymously, please submit by PM or email and note that you wish to remain anonymous.
    • Ability Level Ranking
      The primary difficulty involved with ranking the level of peoples’ abilities, is having an objective means of measurement. This project proposes methods by which this might be done.

      • Proposed Ranking Systemby Winged Wolf
        A system for ranking ability level and control, based on the various ability aspects.
    • Project Ideas

      • What is Psi? Is it a particle, and what is its nature?
      • Psi Capacity: where does it come from, how does it work, and why does it vary from psion to psion?
      • Psi-bernetic Devices and Radionic Devices
      • Is there a natural “cap” for abilities?
      • Animal responses to Psi (i.e., the psi-cat project)
      • Do concentrations of Psi have an effect on physical mutation?
      • Atmospheric conditions and Ghosthunting
      • Psi-myth concepts: True, False, Maybe?
      • The differences between the different energy forms and psi: how can these types be identified, and can they be altered?